What’s In My Bag (February 2014)

Admittedly, this post will not be that exciting.

ImageThis is my bag for the moment. It’s a backpack from Target that my mom bought me for Christmas. I use this for my every day school purposes. When I don’t need books or anything I tend to just carry my wristlet instead.

ImageWow, we are off to a cracking good start. I had nothing in 2 of the 3 front pockets. In the last pocket was a folded up Dunkin Donut’s bag. My god, so interesting.


Inside the bag, I already feel like apologizing for this post. I peep a scarf, a text book and a pair of sunglasses.

I suppose I should start justifying this post.  I just think these are always so interesting. I guess mine won’t be that great because I actually don’t carry makeup with me to class because I’m not away from my dorm for that long, to be honest. Moving on…


Contents: Purple scarf from Old Navy, a bottle of Aquafina water, three pens, a pink highlighter, Maybelline Babylips in Just Peachy and Soothing Sorbet, Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Prada knock-off sunglasses, half a compact mirror, Twining’s English Breakfast Tea (This is maybe a little strange.. the dining hall only has Lipton so I bring my own.), keys to my car/home, a bag that my Prada knockoffs came in, my wristlet wallet with my ugly school id on top, my Nook ereader, my planner, a notebook, and my Principles of Criminology textbook.

I suppose a better name for this would be “Uninteresting Bag Of A Typical College Student”

Thanks for reading!

Megan xx

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